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Milou + Olin Photography

Photography · Sacramento California United States

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Milou + Olin revels in the roots of happiness: weddings, excited brides, nervous grooms, bustling mothers, happy fathers, rings, shoes, bridal veils, garters, flowers, harried flower girls, something old, new, borrowed, and blue, rain, snow, summer, sun-painted beaches and sky-kissed mountains. Caroline and her band of merry makers breathe fresh color and countless options for vibrant images that speak to who couples truly are. Who is pooling their aesthetic powers and for good before, during, and after your special day at this amazing photography studio? Donna: Our studio mama extraordinaire assists in the cozy studio deftly handling all client concierge. She excels as both the omnipresent business manager and dazzling front person who loves nothing more than spoiling brides during their special events. Donna also loves crafting, can’t resist small puppies, meeting new clients, accessories, crochet and glitter. Especially glitter. Morgan. Our practically perfect production assistant is a sweetheart who makes marvelous all things media, from blogging, to press, to Pinterest. She also waves her magic wand to create the most breathtaking albums and designs to match her couples. Morgan loves handbags, big rings, and adores accessories. She has a cat named Milo, and plans to be photographed all the time by her lovely boss Caroline (Right, Morgan?) Individually, Donna and Morgan are dynamic, warm people. Together they are hard-working, slightly frenzied, seriously organized, fabulously creative, and thrilled to work with your needs for oh-so-many memorable moments, amazing albums, laughter, love, and personality. It’s dreamy sighs, sweet and passionate moments that define the beginning of a couple’s journey towards what may be. It’s the quintessential Milou + Olin experience.

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