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Miroslav Pavlovic

Photography · Washington District of Columbia United States

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve felt a really natural inner drive to arts and all things artistic. Pencils and paper were my first touchpoint. My mother was the very first fan (surprise) and so proud to show off her pride & joy’s work. And do you think she ever stopped doing that? She never did. Being hands-on with materials was my next step. I have no idea how many craft things I’ve made in my childhood (and later on as a true nerd, making models of my favorite Star Trek equipment I’ve seen on the shows). As I was born in the north, the wonderfully designed country of Sweden, I remember being so amazed with how design affects each society in a different way. Moving back to Serbia with my parents gave me a new look at things - at that time, being 6, I only saw that everything appeared unlike what I was used to - just different. Looking back at it, I’d say the biggest difference was the role of design in everyday life. What I love about my life is that I manage to keep my love for things looking nice. I always saw the world in visual - once as a child, now as a creative professional. As life moved on, I steered off the path I had always been sure I would take and started studying languages. But, as life likes to play, in the end it put me back on the track. I became a graphic designer. And to this day I love my job. Of course, there was no chance to keep being faithful in such a long term relationship. Another interest sneaked in the meantime. I love to cook. In a way, design is a lot like cooking - you should enjoy the process as much as the result. And you feed others - the eyes, the stomach, the mind and the emotions. Had I not been a designer, I’m quite certain chef would have been my choice. I don’t want to write a story about my work experience - it’s all there in my resume. I wish to share my life story with you. And I just did. The most important part of it.

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