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Mike Libunao

Videography · Hayward California United States

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Based 30 minutes outside of San Francisco I'm a videographer that thrives on taking videos from conception to completion by excelling in the 3 core filmmaking/videography skill sets: 1. DIRECTING Don’t have an idea for a video? I can help you with that. Already have one in mind? Great! I can write the script, or reshape the one you already have so that it communicates more effectively as a video. I can design the project as a whole, steer it, and communicate it to client, cast, and crew. 2. CINEMATOGRAPHY Through studying, research, and most importantly experience, I am well-versed in envisioning and executing the visual style and tone for a video via knowledge of camera and lighting techniques and principles. 3. EDITING Whereas directing and cinematography can be viewed as the essential raw ingredients, editing can be viewed as the “cooking”, and I’ve cooked a lot of meals over the past 5 years. From branding videos, to live event highlights, to internal marketing videos, to short documentaries, and I’ve also created motion graphics for those projects.

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