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Michelle Walker Weddings

Photography · San Francisco California United States

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Projects starting at $5800

{excerpt of interview with Michelle Walker...} WHAT'S YOUR BEST WEDDING ADVICE? Be yourself. Be authentic. Be real. Don't follow the trends and look like every other wedding you're seeing on the blogs and in magazines. Be you. WHAT'S YOUR STYLE? Modern, natural, uncomplicated, fun. I MEANT WHAT'S YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE? Ohhh... modern, natural, uncomplicated, fun, and REAL. I'll capture who you are and what makes your relationship unique... that look he gives you. The way you snuggle his neck. The way you laugh together. I'll let things happen naturally - letting you be YOU. My job is to create photographs that make you laugh/cry/remember everything when you look at them. Your job is to have the best day of your life.... {...click that little button below that looks like the world to see more}

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