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Michael Jackson

Photography · Melbourne Florida United States

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I'm a full-time Professional Photographer and Explorer of Ideas. As far as photography, I love to tell Stories in Single Pictures. Branding and Commercial are great for storytelling. I love shooting Food and I love shooting (uh, taking pictures of) Pets. My Full-Time endeavor right now and for the foreseeable future is Pet Photography. It's kind of a tribute to my best friend and Border Collie. He died and I hadn't taken any real meaningful pictures of him. I don't want that to happen to others. I also love to shoot events and food! I shoot a lot of food and a lot of events. Shooting Events is an art and a skill developed over years of shooting. IT IS NOT POINT AND SHOOT. One has to always be looking for the next shot so you can be in two places at the same time. That's a talent! My personal photography project involves interviewing interesting people and asking them what they left behind in order to get where they are. It's called The Walking Away. I used to play a lot of music. Clarinet, sax, flute. Some keyboards. I picked up keyboards so I could play in Rock bands when I wasn't doing my classical clarinet or jazz sax. Sometimes people call me one of those "Creative Types" that thinks outside the box. What box? I've owned a software company, written music, published short stories, had my photos in various magazines and newspapers, been in professional bands, done a lot of photography, and I've been a consultant for the Big 8, the Big 6, now Big 3 firms. Never ask me how to do something the way that everyone else does it. If they're doing it that way and not doing it better than everyone else, why would I want to do it that way? Here's what I believe about everything... "If you're not happy with your job or life, then you have to change. It's really that simple." I hope we can find time to shoot together soon! *WOOF*

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