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Maxit Media

Videography · Cary North Carolina United States

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Projects starting at $1500

We take your message and transform it into a captivating marketing video optimized for SEO, branding and goals. We don't create cookie-cutter videos. We don't use stock art or stock characters. We don't use templates or presets. You get a unique, custom-crafted video that clearly communicates your mission and resonates with your audience. What To Consider When Hiring a Marketing Video Production Company? Viewers have watched so much video advertising on TV and online that they know a good video from a terrible one. It jumps right out at you! Your video quality plays a very important role in gaining your viewer's trust. If the video looks like a cookie-cutter formula, then the brand may not be so memorable. But when you watch an original video that resonates with your values, you pay attention. You know that this video was made with your interests in mind. The time and money that it took to create this video adds value and builds trust. This is the type of video that has a direct impact on conversions. What Makes Us Different? We do not use shortcuts such as templates, stock art, stock characters or presets. We go the extra mile to infuse your marketing strategy into your marketing video. You get a video that is optimized for SEO, branding and goals. We specialize in animated explainer videos, live video commercials, videomation combo of live video and animation, landing page videos, elevator pitch videos, screencast demos and training, videographics videos and more.

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