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Matthew T. Price

Videography · Los Angeles United States

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Matt Price grew up in the small Michigan town of Grand Rapids. It was a town not unlike those his favorite author, Stephen King, wrote about, except with fewer monsters. While he loved films and filmmaking, he felt very far from Hollywood. So, Matt packed his bags and went off to film school. Thereʼs an old saying: if you want to make films, go to NYU; if you want to make money, go to USC. Matt went to USC, where he wrote and directed many experimental student films. Thankfully, he got through that phase of his life. To pay the bills, Matt worked in the production offices of many television series. All the while, Matt wrote spec scripts and directed short films, including the award-winning short Atomism. He also wrote segments for the cable series What a Relief. He recently directed his first feature film, Other Halves.

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