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Mark Mahar

Photography and Videography · San Marcos California United States

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13 ratings
38 jobs completed
Projects starting at $200

Who am I? A thinking man's artist with a love for the beautiful and the technical. I pay attention to the details while taking in the breathless beauty of everything around me. I'm a Professional Photographer with a wide range of skills and interests. My professional background includes high end residential and commercial real estate and building construction experience. This has served to help me develop a critical and artistic vision for my photography. I also have an extensive software and engineering background enabling me to develop and use best in class software tools in my photography. My interests currently lie in Real Estate, Architecture, Music, Panoramic photography,Video production and Street View for business.

Mark Mahar's Overall Rating

"Photos looked great!"

Matt Quaid 2017-09-12

"Looks great! Thank you."

extraspace 2017-11-30

"These photos are amazing. In future projects, I may be using these as examples. Great Job!!!"

extraspace 2017-11-29

"Great job, these turned out really well."

Patrick Hachee 2017-09-08

"Looks great, thanks!"

extraspace 2018-01-02

"great job! Thank you."

extraspace 2017-12-15