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Videography · Boynton Beach United States

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I started producing my own short films when I started college in 2008. I would write, direct, edit, shoot, lighting, and location scout on top of organizing shoots. I've competed in many film competitions and film festivals and I've won awards for producing, cinematography, and editing. What I like the most about the filmmaking process is doing something different every time whether it be a different story for a narrative film, or a different format like a music video or commercial. The idea of challenging myself every day is what I enjoy because in the end it makes me a better filmmaker. It's not a job that gets boring or monotonous because you have to tackle problems and concepts that you might not have thought you would of had to deal with. I graduated college in 2012 and since then I've had jobs as an in-house video producer, videographer, and video editor.

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