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Second Street Photography

Photography · Swannanoa United States

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We aren’t your typical photographers. It’s a bit hard to pin us down because there isn’t a genre that fits what we do. You could call us storytellers. We capture beginnings and endings and what lies between. For how else can you have a story? As artists we aim to truly experience the depth of our world – in both tragedies and times of unspeakable joy. We want to share with you the value of the authentic moments that make up your life. All of these moments – the pure and the messy, the mundane and the extraordinary – they are important to your story. Yes, we photographs weddings. Yes, we photograph families. We also photograph birth and we photograph death. We photograph how crazy life is with three kids under three. We photograph the bliss of holding your grandchild for the first time. We photograph the heartbreak of saying goodbye to your stillborn daughter. We photograph the thrill in each of your eyes when you see one another on your wedding day. We are family photographers in the realest sense of the word. We document the beauty and mystery of a family’s cycle of life. Its beginnings, its expansions, and its transitions. When we take photographs we begin a collaboration. We work together with you to tell your story. Stories are the foundations of our lives. Stories are what we have to offer those who come after us. What story can we tell with you?

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