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Photography · London, England United Kingdom

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I like to capture the instant moment, which will be alive forever, and every time you will look at the photo, I will tell you about that emotional time, advertisement campaign or about your amazing merchandise by organizing the photoshoot in studio or in the hidden and unknown locations around our towns. I take Fashion and Commercial photographs and I also take photographs for various events including Corporate, Weddings, Fashion catwalks and outings. My clients are the pillar of my business so, for this reason in order to ensure high quality output, I have developed a systematic approach to the photography process and each stage is important in determining the succeeding step. They are equally important in the whole process of photography thus each getting an equal amount of attention: Visiting the venue/photo-shoot location Agreement on cost with the client. After visiting the site, the initial costs are adjusted to cover all the costs adequately Carrying out the photography Editing, storage and conversion of the photographs to various formats that the client may want Delivering and submitting of photographs to the client Feedback. I then request for a feedback on the whole process from the client to improve my service.

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