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Lifestyle Photographer

Plain View, North Carolina

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Dee Feury
Dee Feury - Fayetteville, NC

Behind the lens you can make dreams reality. Shape your world into more than what it appears to be. I see that beauty and transform it through the shutter of my camera. As a digital imagery artist ...

An example project

10-15 Lifestyle images needed

Keep in mind that the cost of Lifestyle Photography correlates to the complexity of the shoot. If the product requires a studio shoot versus a shoot on location. Is the shoot requires additional help (models, extras, stylists, rentals, etc). Post productions processing and touch ups factor extensively in to the cost of the shoot. Be sure to consider where you would like this product to be published. Is this for internal purposes? Print? Web only? These will help the lifestyle photographer determine the budget and price. Be clear as to where you want to use the images and what your turn over time is. Be sure to request some options for delivery and be amenable to packages. It is implicit that you will retain all rights to the images, but request what their rights policy is.

Suggested Price: $600

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Chrissy Lynn

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