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Les Henig

Photography · Kensington Maryland United States

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Wedding Photography

Unlimited Coverage: We have no specific limits on either time or the number of photographs created. We start early, stay late and use enough film to do the job right! Our full wedding coverage usually lasts in excess of eight hours. We don’t charge extra for this extended coverage. Casual Portraits: Often called engagement portraits, a session of romantic casual portraiture is included in our regular coverage at no extra charge. This session is done weeks or months prior to your wedding. If you have a favorite spot, we can go there. If not, I know of some delightful places. This session allows us to get to know each other a little bit better so, that by the day of the wedding, you’ll be working with old friends! Many couples like to begin or end their albums with a selection from this session. This extra portrait session is included in the basic wedding creation fee. Bridal Portraiture: We offer a formal bridal studio portrait session scheduled in advance of the wedding day. Scheduling this session in advance allows more time on the wedding day to capture all of the emotion special to that day. A somewhat “fussier” session than anything else we do, separating it out from the rest of our wedding coverage allows us the luxury of time to tend to all of the details that will show both the bride and the gown to best advantage. Scheduled long enough in advance, there will be time to prepare a wall portrait that can be displayed at the reception. There is no extra charge for this formal session. Planning and Flow: We’ll work with you to plan your coverage so that you get exactly what you want. We’ll be happy to share our expertise in ways to achieve a smooth rhythm and flow so that your wedding will be just as you dreamed. Professionalism: Your wedding will be beautifully photographed without turning it into a media event. We’re very much aware of the dichotomy created by the desire to preserve this once-in-a-lifetime event on the one hand and the serious religious aspect on the other. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the photographs you want without disturbing the ceremony or your guests. Extra Touches: We work as a team to help keep things organized and running smoothly. This includes everything from sorting out bouquets and boutonnirres to making emergency sewing repairs. The more we can smooth the day for you, the better our photographs will be. And, that means greater pleasure for you in the finished work!

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