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Laurel Harris

Photography and Videography · Los Angeles California United States

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With over 20 years in the television, voice-over and and film industry, I've a varied background with highlights that include hosting and producing my own live television morning show, radio DJ work, as well as working in front of the camera with greats such as Jane Seymour and Willem Dafoe. I've been fortunate to win numerous awards for producing as well, including the Heartland Emmy for a series of PSA's on Teen Homelessness. It's been a great ride and I love what I do...including working from my home Voice-Over studio on a daily basis for regular clientele. I'm especially proud to say our relationships over the years have developed into long lasting friendships, and that makes all of this even more FUN. I feel blessed. In case, you'd like to know more about me, here's a bit of my history. Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you! IN THE BEGINNING: I'm often asked the question, "When did you start acting?" My mother would say from the age of two. (Apparently I had a flair for the dramatic from a very young age!) Though I don't quite remember it that way, I do recall jumping from the pink love-seat in our living room with utter abandon, fake microphone in hand, and singing at the top of my lungs every week when Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" hit the airwaves. Oh, how I longed to be dancing and singing my heart out along with the other greats on that stage!! Until then, my poor younger brother and his neighborhood friends had to serve as my dance partners while I choreographed elaborate performances and charged a pittance at neighborhood 'theaters in the round.' I.e., any basement or living room that would have us! DANCE: Almost immediately following my first dance class at age six, every spare moment I had was spent in dance training. It seems I just couldn't get enough. As the youngest company member of the Rocky Mountain Ballet, I cut my teeth in performance, then eventually became a founding member of the Ormao Dance Company, a modern ensemble and dance school that is still thriving to this day. Dancing at a semi-professional level around the country for over 27 years, I found a great love for choreography along the way. Extending my teaching and choreography talents with Ormao, and various schools regionally, I created "Imagination in Motion," a mobile dance and theatrical training for day care centers and elementary schools. That 'young energy' continually inspires me. THEATER: While I became deeply intrigued with theater in High School, it wasn't until my freshman year in college at The United States International University in San Diego, that I became hooked. From there on out, whether it was live theater, television, or voice-over, no job was too small for me to savor. My first trip to Los Angeles yielded background work in Hollywood features like, "My Blue Heaven" (Starring Steve Martin and Rick Moranis) and "The Marrying Man" (Starring Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin) and left me a bit star struck for the industry. I vowed I would somehow, someday do what they did. To play and have fun for a living? It couldn't get any better than that! IN THE INTERIM: Until I could make the leap to Hollywood, I had the pleasure of working as a full time actor, and fine tuning my producing skills. My first "real" TV job was hosting and producing the morning show, "Vail Today" for "The Vacation Channel." Nothing like Live TV to learn the do's and dont's of Television! From there I became the spokesperson for numerous national corporations and honed my commercial and voice-over talents. Eventually this lead to my work as lead host for the live, national game show, "BingoTV." Along the way I also felt very fortunate to produce award winning programming with Douglas County Television, resulting in numerous NATOA's, Telly's and a regional Emmy from the Heartland Association. While part of the crew at "DC8," we even garnered the coveted Emmy for "Station of the Year." IN THIS MOMENT: Today I happily travel wherever my work leads. From feature film work, to consistent Voice-over clients, to my work as the Spokeswoman for Mediacom, I feel incredibly fortunate to do what I love and look forward to seeing where this wild, crazy and fun adventure will lead me next! Again, thanks for taking a peek at my work, and please drop a line. I'd love to hear how I can help you with your next project! Take care, Laurel

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