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Laura Marquez-Massino

Photography and Videography · Costa Rica

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I’m made up of contrasts I’ve managed to combine in an unusual way. One of my passions is creativity. I’m constantly looking for new perspectives, interesting stories, images that transmit powerful emotions and creating that unique “something”. My other great passion is being a compulsive organizer. I have a systemic thinking process and an obsession with planning, strategic design and setting goals. I love dreaming about the possibilities of a better world, but more than that, I love drawing the map that leads us to unveiling that world. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the finish line and putting heart, mind and soul, into crossing it. In my professional experience, I have fulfilled all kinds of roles, but I mainly value my capacity to observe people, to analyze the bigger picture and detect needs and yearnings which enable the creation of that unique “something”.

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