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Photography and Videography · Oakland California United States

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Food Photography

As a Filmmaker/Photographer I bring a unique perspective to food as I am also the founder of Yum Tum® a line of health foods sold in Southern California Whole Foods Markets and independent health stores. As such; I deeply understand the challenges of the food journey from R&D, production, and distribution to promotion and marketing. This has given me a great love of the food journey. That love is obvious in my photography and videos, as I shoot beautiful food stories.

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Salmon Patties 'Mu' Korean Radish & Ginger Tuna Head Whole Foods Vegetable Garlic Medley Fruit Tarts Forager Miette Bakery, Jack London Sq. Oakland Smokey Red Onions
Kimchi Kimchi Whole Foods Whole Foods Chipotle Roasted Squash Gelato Miette Bakery, Jack London Sq. Oakland Blue Bottle Coffee, Jack London Sq. Oakland
Napa Cabbage & 'Mu' Korean Radish Hawaiian 45 kg Tuna Whole Foods Photo 11 by Koina   for Food Photography Suja Miette Bakery, Jack London Sq. Oakland Yum Tum® Cacao Bar


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