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Sunkiss Sundara

Photography and Videography · Boston Massachusetts United States

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I initially wanted to be a record producer, but I gravitated towards visual arts. I took a Cisco networking class in High School. My teacher for that class, Mr. Baldwin, noticed how tragic I was at learning IP protocols and subnets. He then suggested that I teach myself photoshop separate from the rest of the class. Instead of failing me for networking, he would grade me on what I could teach myself from the PS4 classroom book. Even though that was over 20 years ago, it was the first time someone believed in me and noticed my potential. I have been a self-taught growth learner ever since. I don't specialize in anything because I find it fun to synergize my skills in sound engineering, photography, video, and design—the only constant in life changes. As a creative, I can be fluid and adapt to changes in what the demands are.

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