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Kirk Francis

Photography and Videography · Fort Lauderdale Florida United States

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South Florida is where I call home. Making people look good is what I like to do! Why? To get a reaction like "Wow, finally a picture that captures all of me! What I look like and who I am!" or "Finally a portrait that captures the essence of my being!" That is what I am after. How did I get here? In the past, I have worked as a janitor, construction laborer, lifeguard, busboy, cook, men’s store salesman, computer operator, programmer, systems analyst, soap maker, costume manufacturer, and solution architect. What does any of this have to do with being a photographer? All of these experiences expanded my understanding of many different walks of life and all those paths eventually led me to engage my creative side and become a photographer. Before heading down this path, I was dealing with that dreaded shutter lag of my first digital camera. You know the ones, where you push the button and five-seconds later after the action has occurred you get a shot of nothing. It’s the camera’s fault, not me! After purchasing a new professional camera, the images were still dull and boring. That frustration jumpstarted my creative journey. Studying, reading, attending workshops and practicing consumed me. Progression of my craft has occurred through these efforts and I am always looking to visualize, compose and create even better imagery so my education continues as I work at capturing the spirit and essence of the human experience. Looking forward to working with you and capturing your quintessence in a portrait. To find out what I am up to or just to say hello the best place to catch me is on Instagram (@kirkfrancis) or Twitter (@kirkflorida)— make sure you also follow me there! For inquiries, please email me via the contact form, kirk at kirkfrancis dot com or phone at 561.705.0704.

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