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Photography · Denver Colorado United States

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As a professional published photographer, I love to tell stories with my photography. I specialize in food, concerts, fashion, and portrait photography.

KidKatPhotography's Overall Rating

"You should always use a tripod. The brisket, coleslaw, and Mac &amp; Cheese are all blurry, and it's clear the angle is different for each image because the table grain moves around. Tripod will eliminate the camera shake and make it easy to just slide in items as the kitchen finishes them."

DoorDash 2016-06-02

"Next time, try to include props such as utensils, napkins, drinks etc to communicate size and proportion. Implementing more propping in the frame will allow the image to look less static and give diners more perspective. For the hero shot, use side dishes and utensils to close gaps, but make sure they don’t overtake the table. It should look like a waiter/waitress laid out the table naturally."

Grubhub Manager 2019-10-09

"Thanks for taking these! I think we should include a little more in background &amp; not just limit the photos to strictly food -- napkins, hands, drinks, table props, etc. I have shared examples with Molly for future reference :)"

uedenver 2016-08-22