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Kenneth Reed

Photography and Videography · Portland Oregon United States

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Kenneth Benjamin Reed is an established photographer who began his photography business in the Portland area in 2006. He started as a young hobby photographer with an admiration for classical oil paintings and a Fujica ST701 single-lens reflex from his grandfather. Recently Reed has worked with the Oregon Tribal Attendance Project for the U.S. Department of Education, highlighting Native American Indian educators to inspire students at local tribal secondary schools. Reed’s presence in the photography industry has resulted in an array of exciting projects including headshots of local industry leaders at KPTV, magnetic portraits featured in NW Tattoo Magazine, personalized wedding and event shoots, advertising campaigns, and concept design photography for top PNW brands. 2014 led his foray into custom stock photography which suits his craving to problem-solve and find beauty where it might usually go unnoticed. Custom stock photography is perfect for businesses and brands hunting for the right way to visually convey their products and services. Reed is also passionate about discovering abandoned old buildings and taking their portraits. Through the lens of his camera, a sinking old frame suddenly shifts to evoke a striking illustration of both human defiance and acceptance of nature. Using principles of lighting and composition from classic paintings and early film photography, he has a knack for teasing unique images out of every photo opportunity. Drawing upon his lifetime of experience in the industry, Kenneth Benjamin Reed offers a fun, professional approach and a creative eye. Everything from studio portraiture, environmental portraiture, product photography, editorial assignments, and advertising campaigns– Ben knows that doing great business is all about building great relationships. Ben currently lives in the greater Portland area with his wife (Jayda) and their son (Asher). Call (503) 877-4041 or email him today for a free consultation! PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut, Avid Pro Tools, Canon, Nikon, Mac, Windows, Linux, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Powerpoint, digital photography, image file management, digital media workflow, multimedia, post-production, color management, concept development, creative design, image editing, digital asset management, and Lightroom catalog management. You can learn these things, too: Ben is available for classes, tutorials and workshops. LIGHTING QUALIFICATIONS Ben has quite a bit of knowledge on creating a variety of lighting scenarios with strobe, tungsten, natural, and mixed lighting environments. He has experience with Broncolor, Elinchrom, DynaLite, Speedotron, Lowell, Interfit, Profoto, Calumet, Paul Buff (Einstein, Alien Bee, White Lightning) strobes, portable power/battery packs, Cybersyncs, Pocket Wizards, and other transceivers, Speedlights, natural and hot lights, baffles, flags, modifiers, soft-boxes, and numerous DIY lighting techniques. RECOMMENDATIONS Kenneth shot our headshots for television and film, we had a great time in his studio, he is high energy, friendly and makes you feel like you are right at home, not to mention I received a download of all the shots the very next day. Perfect for the no patience people like me, I would use him again and again. – Beth A As a creative director, I’ve selected photographers and worked behind the scenes with them on a regular basis. This was my first time in front of the camera. Fortunately, I had the privilege of working with Ben. He’s as professional as they come and guides every aspect of the process with knowledge, respect, friendliness, and fun. What more could you really ask for? He’s an image shaman. If he can coach me into being comfortable, he’s the right one for you. His brand and product work is also dope! I’d hire him for anything and trust the results 100%. – Doug V I needed a photo for my company website. The best thing about Kenneth Benjamin Reed is that he takes the time to coach a great photo. I had an hour long shoot in his studio. He gave me lots of tips so that the photo wouldn’t look forced or plastic. He took the time to try different lighting and angles. I had plenty of great shots to choose from. – Gabrielle D I went in with high expectations and yet Ben had the ability to take what I thought the experience could be to a whole new level, thank you Ben, I appreciate your love of getting it right and exploring what it takes to up the game. Yes, I’m simply speaking to a head shot and YES its that important to real estate professionals! – Justin D So what do you do when the company you just joined says “hey, perfect timing…we’re reworking our marketing site and need your headshot right away, and oh, btw since you were not here when we took the other photos, you’ll need to try and match what’s done already.” This was the challenge I dropped on Ben — and he delivered!! Ben did just an amazing job directing the shoot. I’m a lousy subject, generally avoid the camera, but Ben coaxed me into the right position (turtle – on 1-2-3, still makes me giggle). And viola – I had a fantastic set of new “personal branding photos” that I could use on the company website, in social media profiles, anywhere I needed an inviting professional look. Couldn’t have been happier with the experience and the outcome. I would absolutely enthusiastically recommend him, without hesitation, anytime! – Julia A I started a new position and needed a headshot for the company website. Kenneth Benjamin Reed really makes you feel comfortable and takes time to help coach a great photo. He wants you to look your best and gives you tips and tricks to do just that. He took the time to try different lighting and angles to help me present the best side of myself. I had plenty of great shots to choose from. – Lindsey K Had a very good experience here, Kenneth is knowledgeable and friendly and works fast! – Dave P I went to Ben for headshots for my website and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! Ben was awesome to work with, he gave great direction and made the process fun and easy. Also, the turn around on the final photos was incredibly fast! I would recommend Kenneth Benjamin Reed Photography to anybody who is looking for professional headshots! – Catherine B Kenneth was very responsive, put me at ease, and did a great job including me in the process and normalizing the awkwardness I was feeling. I very much appreciated his input on color and styling. I learned a lot about photography and what makes a great professional head shot. My photos turned out great and look very professional. I would absolutely recommend him. – Katie B Ben is top-notch and cares about the details and results. At the same time he’s very reliable with deadlines. I asked him to photograph some Adidas basketball sneakers as concepts for ads and he did a great job. He’s extremely reasonable and easy to work with. – David Cin, Senior Footwear Designer at Adidas I highly recommend hiring Kenneth Benjamin Reed. He is a thoughtful and meticulous photographer, a good communicator and has a funny sense of humor. He will take as long as you need to get the perfect head shot. Hire him! – Tina B My experience with Kenneth Benjamin Reed was awesome! This is the second time around as I have kept my headshot & various character looks up to a tee. I highly recommend Kenneth for any type of photos you are looking for. He’s on time, considerate , professional and always encourages you as he cheers and supports your goals. – Roma B The lighting was correct for my personality and Mr. Reed made me look like I see myself. It was a two-way communication during the session and I was allowed input on what I preferred in terms of light and background. It was an extremely enjoyable session and I can highly recommend anyone with the need for a professional portrait to use Kenneth. – Jens J I do photo double work for Adalind on Universal Media Studios’ Grimm and when they need an updated or specific picture of me I call Kenneth Benjamin Reed. – Kendal M Ben has shot several events for us. He’s really easy to work with, takes direction well and always gets the photos we need with a variety of crowd shots, candid images and any sponsors or dignitaries we need. – Mike R Ben’s ability to connect with people and his enthusiasm make him our first choice when the need arises. – Trisha Hassler, Artist Ben was both easy going and professional, making for a comfortable environment. He provided some great tips and coaching through the whole process and I had my final images within just a couple days. I’m very happy with my final headshots and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer. – Shea M I had an excellent experience working with Ben. He sent me helpful pointers before our appointment and gave concise instructions during the shoot. He is detail oriented, responsive and I am very happy with the end results (professional headshots). I would highly recommend his services. He is professional and is a nice guy. – Jen B Take a look at Ben’s portfolio. Skilled in both studio and on-location photography Ben has shown himself to be a dynamic photographer capable of handling a myriad of photography projects.” – Luke Olsen, photographer There are few photographers that I would endorse, Ben is one them. He’s truly talented and hard-working. – Adam Michaud, Graphic Designer at Leupold I really enjoyed working with Ben. He made me feel relaxed and confident. Most importantly, I loved the results. The headshots I received from him were just what I needed to help me land the roles I was seeking. – Sherrie V Ben did such an incredible job during my photo session. It was for employment postings and he was so patient in taking so many shots, that I did eventually relax, which has never happened before! Very skilled! – Linda H Kenneth has an amazing eye for photography. – Alex Roosevelt , Vice President at UNIQUE LIQUIDS Ben is a fantastic photographer, patient and creative. He will help find ideas for those who don’t know what they want, and help fulfill the creative ideas of others. I am very pleased with the work he’s done for me, and will be returning in the future. – Sean W If you are looking for fun and edgy photo or a classic and elegant photo; you can have both with this photographer. – Skye W Ben shot my son’s senior picture–a series of formal headshots–and then used the rest of the time for some creativity. Wow. The headshots were fine, perfect for the yearbook. But if you use KBR, just let him roll with the creativity. The scenes, lighting, use of props, were outstanding. Most of my teenager’s creative shots were pretty edgy but really fun. Since he wants to be in theater, they will be perfect–and different–for his portfolio. The price is very competitive as well. I would highly recommend KBR for any type of photography. – Deborah N His gregarious nature is sincere, and his charm is a breath of fresh air in an industry of people seemingly too busy to be human. I highly recommend him for projects large and small; you can’t go wrong in any capacity. – Benjamin B His shots are the main reason our business has done so well, as we are a internet based company. He has earned a lifelong client and I can’t recommend him enough. – Andrew Jones, Connoisseur Concentrates CEO Very easy to work with, and very professional. He coached me to get a great shot! Very affordable too. Definitely recommend him. – Megan R I’ve worked with Ben on several projects and he has always been a source or great creative inspiration and technical knowledge. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an artistic photographer with superior skills. – Mike Burry, photographer Kenneth Benjamin Reed has a rare and amazing talent. He has the ability to capture the spirit of his subject (without which a photo has no life). I’ve worked with him on several occasions in the past and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for fabulous photographs! – Kat Swank, designer Ben is a very talented photographer and a great teacher. He was patient and explained photography techniques very well. He gave me a good base to start from as a beginning photographer. Ben also followed up with me via email to offer support. He was happy to answer my follow up questions. I look forward to continue my learning with Ben. – Dale B Kenneth Benjamin Reed is a very creative photographer who shoots outstanding work both in studio and on-location. I highly recommend him.‎‎ – Pete Springer, Portland Photographer He is a true professional and I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone experienced to come prepared and produce quality work. – Daylene R I’ve worked with Ben a few times and those that I didn’t get to, I wished I had! He presents only the finest of quality work matched with timely deliveries. He is artistic, clean, professional and innovative…clearly amazing! – Jennifer Sims, Fashion Designer Ben provided excellent work – quality images delivered on time and within budget. – Corey Pressman Kenneth (Ben) creates phenomenal photographs – they are imaginative and technically excellent. Highly recommended. – Lisa F Ken was my colleague while he was a Google Trusted Photographer. We collaborated a couple of times and he was very professional, responsible and great photographer. I highly recommend him for any photographic job. – Juan Pablo C I was able to assist Ben with a few shoots, and was amazed at his professionalism and ability to coax the most inexperienced subject into a fantastic shoot! Ben is a work-horse, and stays on task until everyone is completely satisfied with their results from the initial consultation and set-up to final printing, -Holly Patton, stylist Kenneth Benjamin Reed is extremely knowledgeable and creative in his art and understanding of client’s goals…cool dude too. – Raymond Gehlbach Great Photographer to work with! Very Professional and very easy to work with. – Cody S Ben is a very talented photographer and a great teacher. He was patient and explained photography techniques very well. He gave me a good base to start from as a beginning photographer. Ben also followed up with me via email to offer support. He was happy to answer my follow up questions. – Dale B I went to KBR’s studio on Friday for my first ever sit down for pictures. I was pretty nervous about the experience, but he had a knack for easing down my anxiety level and engaging in conversation that made the process very, very easy. I now have the headshot I needed for my business. A nice guy who does a great job at an amazing price. – Russ F Ben is a remarkable, skilled and personable photographer. His is a master of both the technical aspects and the art of his trade. – Padraig Criostoir Nolan Ben was a pleasure to work with and super speedy in getting the head shots back to me. He created a warm environment that made me feel at ease and we were able to capture some great photos in less than an hour! I’d come back to Ben again for any of my professional photography needs! – Paige E I hired Kenneth Benjamin Reed to photograph the 4 Wheel Parts retail outlets for Oregon and Washington for Google See Inside Tours. Kenneth made all the arrangements. He hired the photographers, he scheduled the photo shoots with the store managers and he uploaded the tours to Google Virtual Tours. Working with Kenneth was smooth and the tours came out looking great. I would recommend Kenneth to any enterprise level business looking to have multiple locations photograph but wanting to outsource the management of that process. -Adreana L Ben is a talented artist with a fantastic eye for his subject – you’ll love his work! – Alicia K I reached out to Ben for a professional headshot, which I had never done before. He was incredibly helpful, patient, and laid-back though the whole process. He didn’t charge a lot for it, but still spent quite a long time working with me, answering my questions, coaching me to get the best shots possible, and helping me pick my final three. He was also very responsive and easy to get a hold of for questions. I love my final headshot as well! I definitely recommend him. – Erin K Working with Ben was a very comfortable, enjoyable experience. I’ll definitely contact him for my next photographic experience. – Nathan S Ben has the kind of calming presence that can put camera-shy folks at ease, he knows how to give gentle direction in order to take a great photo, and he has the kind of artistic eye and understanding of lighting and framing to beautifully capture whatever he points his camera at. When it comes to quality, creativity, and professionalism, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better photographer. I really can’t recommend him highly enough, he’s fantastic. – Jayda Klingerman-Reed, Executive Recruiter I searched around for a decent place to get some headshots taken and luckily found Ben. I got way more than decent. He explained everything that he was doing and going to do, had great suggestions and while I had many trepidations going in, I came away feeling really confident and more importantly, having thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a really great experience and I plan on using him again for future work. – Nick H Kenneth Benjamin Reed was our photographer for a little over a year, and photographed hundreds of our actors and models. He does a fantastic job, and our clients loved the work! – Scott Corrie, Casting Agent We collaborated on a project with Ben Reed, where I was a Stylist and we had a male model. The results were amazing, and plus Benjamin is an excellent listener, he has ideas and he is very easy to talk to. He also managed to finish editing the photographs avery fast after the photo shoot. I am sad that I moved to another state, otherwise I would surely love to collaborate again. – Sasha Z Had a great experience having my headshots taken with KBR. I was pretty nervous going in as I have never felt comfortable in front of the camera. But Ben was super helpful and I think his most valuable skill was coaching me to bring out a nice countenance…I can’t say just nice smile because he worked on my eyes, body language, mouth among other things. Very highly recommend his service, I had my edited headshots within days and all for the most affordable price I found in the Portland area. – Josh B I was so nervous going to get my first set of head shots, but Ben made me feel comfortable. He is an awesome communicator, coaching me so that the photos he took showed me at my best. He has a real eye for capturing the essence of a person. By the end of the shoot, I felt beautiful and confident, and it shows in the results. – Gail K Ben recently did our family photos in his studios and we could not be happier with his work. I’ve worked with Ben before on event photography, and he was awesome, always, but he really impressed me at the studio. He was amazing with our rambunctious 3 year old and captured her hilarity easily. The whole thing was fun. We were really impressed with the photos. His website made selection easy and his turnaround was scary quick. We got the photos in time to print, frame, and send to grandma in time for Xmas, and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Ben. – Thomas H

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