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Kenn Brock

Photography and Videography · Dallas Texas United States

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6 ratings
5 jobs completed

Kenn is a successful, versatile, creative and flexible professional photographer and videographer located in Dallas TX. For over 20 years having the capabilities to shoot both in studio, and on location Kenn has been able to meet a wide variety of client’s photographic and video needs. Kenn understands how to create high quality digital images and video.

Kenn Brock's Overall Rating


christian varon 2012-05-02

"This photographer did a good job with this property. The exposures and bracketing helped to edit together a great slideshow. With the property being where it is there wasn't much to shoot that was eye catching so they shot many different angles of the common interior areas which helped bulk up the slideshow. Would have been nice to see more exteriors but what they did shoot did work. Overall I would recommend this photographer again because their execution was successful."

SmartShoot Partner 2012-09-11

"Add comments here...This photographer did a great job with this not so great property. The exposures were spot on, and crisp and clean which is always nice. There bracketing matched up like a glove and made bring in the window detail that much easier. I would recommend this photographer in the future to shot for use. "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-11-30

"Merchant was very unhappy with this set of photos, theres a huge lack of inspiration and creativity here. Seems boring and uninterested while at a fun park with lots to do and see. Needed more variety in angle and depth of field, and kids playing."

SmartShoot Partner 2012-08-28

"This photographer did an excellent job. All images were very clean and thought out. Variety in angles throughout the property with a lot of different options for all the common areas around the center of the hotel. Bracketing was shot correctly and was very successful for all the interiors. Would definitely recommend this photographer in the future! "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-11-12

"The images weren't cleaned up at all. Photo set is repetitive without much selection."

square user 2013-10-02

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