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Kenji Croman

Photography and Videography · honolulu Hawaii United States

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Real Estate Photography

1. Professional Photography Services – Photographing the interior and exterior of your property with a variety of different angles to capture the perfect shot. HDR photos are also available. 2. Underwater Photos For Pool & Ocean On Property – Equiped with professional water housing to protect my camera gear and with over 7 years of experience of shooting professionally in the water, I’m able to photograph your properties pool with this. Over under technique, this is when the camera will photograph below the pool and above the pool, it’s a very cool shot that captures your pool in a different way. 3. Drone Photos & Videos - I currently have the latest and greatest drone and software with over a year of flight time recorded. Drone photos are very dramatic because it gives a completely unique perspective of your property. Drone videos are a powerful way to showcase your estate that will leave your audience in awe. I can set your video to royalty free music or I can set it to your favorite music (copyright law may apply). The entire video can be sent to you via dropbox or I can provide you with a code to place directly on your website for viewing. 4. Secure Online Gallery – Every completed project will be placed on a secure, password protected online gallery. You can share the gallery with friends or family or on social media with one link. Also, a one click link is available to download all photos if desired. 5. Quick Turnaround Time – I realize these images are most likely important for marketing purposes and to showcase to potential clients. I will therefore strive to get you a quick turnaround time with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. There is no fixed price for this service since every client we work with is unique. I have experience with nearly a dozen 5 star-hotels and resorts from all over the world. My goal is to capture your estate in the best and most creative way possible. I’m confident with my experience and creative vision as a photographer, I will achieve this.

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Palazzo Avino Hotel - Italy Hotel Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento Italy Photo 6 by Kenji Croman for Real Estate Photography Photo 9 by Kenji Croman for Real Estate Photography
Santa Maria, Italy Hotel Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento Italy Photo 7 by Kenji Croman for Real Estate Photography
Palazzo Avino Hotel - Italy Photo 5 by Kenji Croman for Real Estate Photography Photo 8 by Kenji Croman for Real Estate Photography


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