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Julie Neal

Photography · Hershey Pennsylvania United States

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48 jobs completed

Hello! My name is Julie Neal and I am the creative mind behind Visions of Honey. I have an eye for finding beauty in small details: the way the light hits fresh strawberries, the curve of a lime in the bottom of a glass, or the depth created by the first flowers of spring. Every shoot is unique and I have spent the last ten years climbing trees, standing in rivers, and lying down on rock-covered cliff-sides --or the less exciting indoor equivalent-- to get the shots my clients are looking for. Most of my work deals with the outdoors, turning small, overlooked, areas into stunning backdrops. I’m a resourceful photographer who can capture all the right moments and angles to make the subject shine.

Julie Neal's Overall Rating

"Thanks for leaving the note."

Grubhub Manager 2019-07-26

"Looks good, thank you."

Grubhub Manager 2019-08-19

"Next time, please place the food closer together in the hero shot. Everything is too spread out and there is too much background."

Grubhub Manager 2019-11-07

"Looks good. Please review notes provided by Smartshoot. Thank you!"

Grubhub Manager 2019-08-05

"1. HERO SHOT MISSED-- Make sure you are not laying the dishes symmetrically. Also, place the dishes closer together so they take up most of the frame. You can use side dishes and utensils to close gaps, but make sure they don’t overtake the table. Dishes should look like a server just placed them on the table, naturally. 2. Next time, try to include props such as utensils, napkins, drinks, side dishes, etc to communicate size and proportion. Implementing more propping in the frame will allow images to look less static and give diners more perspective."

Grubhub Manager 2019-10-23


Grubhub Manager 2019-11-11