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Videography · Atlanta Georgia United States

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Hello there! My name is Juan Rosa. I am originally from Puerto Rico, but I have been leaving in the state of Georgia for the past 14 years. I provide Video content for short-films, documentary, corporate videography and weddings/events shooting. I own my film production equipment listed below if you are interest in checking it out. Camera/Equipment gear: Arri Alexa EV SLR APO PRIME LENSES DANA DOLLY JIB CRANE Tungsten Fresnel light kit 300watts-650watts & 1000w Wireless Follow focus kit (2)LED 1X1 PANELS Daylight (2) LED small panels bicolor lights Bounce Board, reflectors color gels and diffusion material (6) light stands (3) C stands and sand bags (4) Practical bulbs with dimmer for interior shots inside house or apartments (5) 4 small LED practical lights for accent lighting Full version of davinci resolved for grading.

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