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Juan Romero Corral

Photography · Portland Oregon United States

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My name is Juan and I live in the city of Portland. My love for photography grew hand-in-hand with my love for travel. Malaga, Spain is where I was born and raised. Although it is a reasonably sized city, it also has a small town feel to it. I yearned for more and wanted to explore the world. My curiosity and zest for life led me to places like China, Japan, Italy, Germany and eventually San Francisco. Each city possessed a beauty that I wanted to capture eloquently. So I started snapping picture of everything in sight from beer glasses to birds to sky rises. This need to document my adventures quickly turned into a regular hobby and slowly my friends and family turned to my new talent as a photographer for their special occasions. This is how my career was born. Although my photos may tell a complex story, they also capture the simple true meaning of the event, the town, or the emotion. I like to capture those unique moments… like at a wedding where I catch the groom admiring his bride (or groom) from afar. If you would like to know more about me or my photos, please feel free to call or write. I’m ready to hear your story and capture the moments that are important to you. Gracias! Juan Romero Corral

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