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J Riley Stewart Fine Art Photography

Photography · Leesburg Virginia United States

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Romantic Style Landscapes

As a young boy growing up in rural America, I had a secret wonderlust for the landscapes of Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, Rembrandt, and Frederick Edwin Church. I would visit the local library and spend time with them whenever I could. Their romantic, luminous landscapes would take me places only a young boy living on the flattest spot on Earth ( i.e., central Oklahoma) could possibly imagine. Over the years, these artists taught me that art is a fantasy to enjoy and share. They also taught me to appreciate the delicate dance that Light and Shadow perform--when they choose to. I became fascinated with the dance, and in college I found that photography was a way for me to discover it, recreate it, and share it. Creating images in the style of the romantic masters requires attention to the depth of shadows and delicate highlights. Over the years, I've found that photographing onto negative film can provide the beautiful aesthetics the masters achieved in their works. I still use medium and large format negative film for that reason. I then scan them to an extremely high resolution for printing, which allows me to create high definition images even when enlarged to over 40" x 60 inches. The result is a feeling of realism, giving viewers a strong sense of presence within the scene, inviting them to explore, discover, or just enjoy their time in the moment.

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Oconoluftee Sunrise Autumn Canopy at Mabry Mill Perfect Reflection on the Snake RIver
Early Light in the Clearing Meig's Falls in an Autumn Frame Sunrise over the Nez Perce
Early Morning in the Cobbler Mountains One Morning at Liberty Furnace Yellowstone Drama


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