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Joshua Edmonds

Photography and Videography · Pella Iowa United States

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12 ratings
24 jobs completed

Storytelling has always been a passion of mine and with each project I learn a new way to bring stories to life. With a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Kentucky I've worked for news, public broadcast, and cable stations and have experienced almost every kind of video shoot you can think of. I enjoy high quality HD work and am always looking for new equipment to expand the scope of my video projects. Right now I use two Panasonic GH2 DSLRs for most of the video I shoot and edit using Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Joshua Edmonds's Overall Rating

"Great job. Our Smart Shoot film maker really took the time to get to know and understand our business leading to a great video for our business. "

Bill Rieckhoff 2015-12-15

"I am so happy that Yelp provided me with such talented photographer. He was very easy to talk to. I appreciate the time you took out to make me feel appreciated."

Veronica Sampson 2016-01-26

"Great Guy. Awesome care!"

Rich Ender 2016-02-18

"We really enjoyed working with Joshua. He did all the edits we asked of his as well. "

Alissa Gardner 2016-02-18


Jacob Horner 2016-03-02

"Joshua was so easy to work with he made you feel comfortable like we were just two people talking about the weather. I loved how Joshua edited the film to make it look like that's how we wanted the video to look like! "

Debbie Hereau 2016-05-10