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John Hue Photography

Photography and Videography · Saint Charles Missouri United States

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4 ratings
24 jobs completed
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I've spent the better part of ten years working in and around St. Louis - mostly capturing the essence of our area's natural resources, though I have a passion for urban subjects as well. Since images are my lifeblood, I work tirelessly to improve my ability for capturing and presenting photos. I'm happy to share my skills with anyone seeking an experienced and dedicated professional - simply make contact to discuss your interests. For commercial purposes I specialize in food, product, and real estate photography. I'm also an experienced drone pilot, FAA licensed and fully insured.

John Hue Photography's Overall Rating

"I understand the limited space can be a struggle, but please try to think outside-of-the-box in these situations. I think you could have figured out a way to fit all five dishes on the small counter top. Remember, we don't need to see the full dish in the hero shot, some of it can be cropped out of the frame. You could have taken the Pretzels off the plate and maybe placed them on the surface. You also could have added some of the fish and chips to half of the Burger plate. The food doesn't need to stay in its original dish in the hero shot."

Grubhub Manager 2019-11-08

"Next time, try to include props such as utensils, napkins, drinks, side dishes, etc to communicate size and proportion. Implementing more propping in the frame will allow images to look less static and give diners more perspective."

Grubhub Agent 2019-11-26

"Single dish images are shot too far away. Grubhub is looking for images of food with an approximate 50/50 ratio (food to background). Please crop in tighter on the food so diners can easily view all of its contents."

Grubhub Manager 2019-11-19

"Please be mindful of your white balance. If you are dealing with tungsten or mixed lighting, please set a custom white balance in your camera. If you cannot do this, please make sure you are balancing properly in post-production. Food tends to look unappetizing with an orange cast."

Grubhub Agent 2019-11-26