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John Bosma Fine Arts Photography

Photography and Videography · Los Angeles California United States

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As an artist, I always strive to “capture the moment” – whether I am shooting a morning sunrise, an intimate portrait, or a live sporting event – composing the image in such a way that the viewer can actually experience both the intensity and emotion of the moment. Although many photographers define their area of specialization around a specific type of setting, my emphasis has always been the creative use of light in both studio and on-location settings. <br> John is an award winning fine arts and landscape photography. An avid hiker and mountain climber, many of John’s landscape photos have come from those adventures, or as a colleague once said, &quot;John takes great photos. It’s just that none of them are below 10,000 feet!&quot; His fine arts projects, such as Abandoned Dreams and Desert Textures, often draw from deeply rooted childhood experiences growing up in a rural immigrant area of the US played out in a contemporary setting.

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