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Johan Kok

Photography and Videography · Auckland, Auckland New Zealand

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I have always been passionate about the outdoors and growing up in South Africa meant I spent most of my time in the African bush interacting with and learning about the great biodiversity of my birthplace. My interest in photography started at a young age with a Pentax K1000 camera that his dad gave to me. While I love photography still images have never been enough to tell the full story and my interest gravitated slowly toward moving images. Later in life this lead to me to obtaining a Diploma in Digital Film from the Southern Institute of Technology in New Zealand, where I now live, to further develop my passion for film-making. Wildlife has always been my main passion, with birds a long time favorite subject. However, I love to photograph or film anything that lives, large or small, above or below the water. With a background in entomology and environmental management, I understand the value of our environment and the creatures that abound on our planet. I try to capture a small part of our planet’s incredible biodiversity so that others can grasp how valuable each species is. It has only been in more recent times that I started taking steps toward realizing my dream of becoming a professional filmmaker/photographer. With the birth of Wildimages.co, my film and photography business, that dream is fast becoming a reality. WildImages.co is my platform to showcase my work and build a base of clients that I am dedicated to providing a leading photography and video production service for.

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