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joe laporta

Photography and Videography · Murrieta California United States

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Quick bio about me. My Name is Joe Laporta I am 32 years old male photographer. I am following my passion in photography and video production. I am also a male model. Married with three children My background is in sales and marketing industry. throughout my career I have had the opportunity to travel the world meet many great people. Open eyes and aspirations to the world. I love landscapes, great views and people and enjoy bringing individuals visions to life weather by photo or video. Quick links to my feeds Instagram: JoeLaportaOfficial Facebook: Joelaporta Websites www.diceEntertainmentInc.com My Equipment Camera 1A. Sony A9 Camera b. Sony a7ii Video Camera c. Sony XDCAM LENS 35, 70-200, GM 85, Macro G0SS, ZESS batia s 2.8/18 etc Drone DJI Mavic Pro Lighting, fill lights Aputure with batteries (3) Strobes Profoto 1000 wats (2) We also have access to REDS Services and specialty’s Wedding/engagement Headshots Newborn Photography I love photographing animals Family Portraits Underwater photography on scuba Product Photography Real Estate • Call or email today for rates and services we can custom cater to your needs • I am now booking for January and February. Call the office

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