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Joanne Tan Visual Branding

Photography and Videography · Lafayette United States

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Photos. Videos. Content. In addition to being the winners of 2014, 2015 professional photographers of Greater Bay Area End of Year Competitions, Joanne Tan is also the director and producer of brand promotional videos for businesses, corporations, and professionals, for websites and social media marketing. What distinguishes Joanne's promotional videos are the powerful scripts she co-writes with all her clients. She is a trusted brand-advisor and brand-marketing strategist, content writer, and editor. How good a video is entirely depends on how good its content is. Joanne contributes her law degree, marketing training, journalist experience, and award-winning artistry to her clients' branding content and videos. She also leads highly skillful professional teams of photographers, cameramen, editors, motion graphic designers, music advisors, to the production of videos. Additionally, she also leads a team of graphic designers, website developers and designers, and brand-messaging content writers to design her clients' branded websites and regularly blog/vlog to keep their websites at a high Google ranking. All her clients' online marketing is centered around unified brand-messaging with content and visuals. Content + Video. Substance + Artistry. &quot;Celebrate authentic uniqueness of every brand, in style & substance.&quot; Please email director@JoanneTanVisualBranding.com to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

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