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J. Lockhart Media

Videography · Nashville Tennessee United States

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To musicians, I’m Joshua Lockhart, indie music video director and video content developer. To directors, I’m Joshua Lockhart, AC, cam op, and editor. The first description has a really nice business card. The other has something from Vistaprint. (If you’re in production, you’re going to get the latter one. I’m good, but I’ve still got some rungs to climb. I don’t mind doing some grunt work.) As a kid, I was all about the entrepreneurial spirit. When I was six, I had my own detective agency, and my slogan was something along the lines of, “No case too big or small.” I’ve taken that motto and applied it to nearly everything I do. Everyone is worth investing some amount of time in. Everyone deserves at least one opportunity or chance. As far as film goes, I got started on a Quasar VHS camera when I was about 10 years old. During this time, my mother was a writer for the music industry, and my father was a middle school football coach. Eventually, my love for moving pictures, music, and planning kind of merged. Over time, I’ve come to specialize in developing music videos and other video content for musicians. Fortunately, everything just seemed to fit so well together. Whether you’re hiring me to fully develop a video for you, or if you happen to be someone with years of experience simply wanting me to build your camera setup, I put my heart into each and everything I do. I’m all about creative collaboration, so let’s make something together.

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