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J.L. Jordan Photography

Photography · Louisville Kentucky United States

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Architecture, real estate, houses, interior design, and photography have been in my background for the last 10 years in one way or another. As a personal assistant for seven years, I expertly managed, renovated, staged and photographed multiple real estate investments. The most rewarding aspect has always been the photography – the moment when everything comes together and can be captured in a single image. Everything I have done has led me to starting a business in real estate photography. At the core of this business is a sincere desire to help real estate agents, homeowners, designers, architects, and builders market homes to the best of my ability. I love houses (sometimes too much) and I believe every property has a unique story to tell and deserves an opportunity for that story to be told. I enjoy working with people to make that possible. If you are interested in taking the visual presentation of your marketing to the next level, I want to be part of your team!

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