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Jessica Fradono Photography

Photography · Austin United States

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One click at a time. That's how I like to explore the world. My passion for photography has changed the way I see things. Somehow, through the lens of my camera, everything's brighter, more beautiful, more fraught with possibility. Perhaps in the past I'd say I loved social media - the share and share alike of a thousand different people posting things on the internet - but I think a more precise characterization is that I am intrigued by the view into other peoples' worlds. That's what I try to do with my camera. Rather than using it as an extension of my ego (see my trips! drool over my foods!) I hope to invite people to take what they like from my photography. Maybe it is drooling over foods captured in pretty light but my hope is that it's bigger than that. That I am actively putting more of the world into the world. The reality is that we're all just a compilation of several things. In my past life, I had a 20+ year career as a human resources leader in the hospitality/travel industry for a fancy pants brand, I was the co-founder of Kitchen Underground, I'm a grad of Florida International University, I have a masters in Adult Education and I live in a fantastic city, Austin TX. I've traveled around the world extensively, finding friends and adventure in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, France, and Mexico to name a few. It's hard to encapsulate all of the bits about me in this format. Maybe its enough to say that right now, my favorite approach to life is with my camera in hand, seeking the remarkable.

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