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Jerome Stolly

Videography · San Francisco California United States

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As a kid I was sure of one thing: when I was older I was going to be a Ghostbuster. I was going to haul my Proton Pack and Ghost Trap around in the Ecto-1, live in an old firehouse, and save my hometown from the tyranny of paranormal beings, three of my best buds in tow. When I came to learn that Ghostbusters weren’t real, but were instead fictional characters created for a movie, I did the rational thing and made my first and only career move into film making. The logic being, maybe I couldn’t be a Ghostbuster, but I could help make them… and hopefully meet one. Before attending film school I toured the country playing rowdy punk music with my non-Ghostbuster best buds. I gained a lot of experience on the road and through it accustomed myself to being exhausted, uncomfortable, and sometimes starving all the while chasing after creativity as fast as our beat-up van would go. I eventually made my way to San Francisco where I attended the Academy of Art University and studied cinematography. I again found myself in a state of lacking human comforts, but overflowing creatively. As a result of that experience and the connections I made within my program I was able to get myself onto set working as a First AC on numerous films, commercials, and music videos, leading me into my current role as a Director of Photography. As such, I practice technically adept filmmaking with a focus on igniting the imagination and pulling on the heart strings of my audience, the kind of film making that would make anyone what to be a Ghostbuster.

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