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Photography by Jeni Benos

Photography · Narrows United States

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<h2>Professional Imaging Specializing in Photography for</h2><br/> <h3>Advertising</h3> <h3>Marketing</h3> <h3>Online Sales</h3> <h3>Printed Publications</h3><br/> <p><strong>Jeni Benos is passionate about photography! </strong>Although she enjoys a number of subjects and styles, product photography is one of her strong points. Jeni is adept at shooting small highly reflective items such as jewelry and similar products that can be quite challenging to capture. </p><p> Jeni prides herself in quality, and that can only be produced with state of the art equipment. Her Nikon is a full frame DSLR shooting at 36 megapixels for impeccable sharpness and detail while allowing more than enough room for enlargement. Macro to 400mm Jeni has your project covered! </p><p> In addition to shooting your products or locations, Jeni will be happy to take your project from start to finish if you wish. Jeni is knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and is comfortable working in some e commerce platforms as well. Whether you would like your images optimized, assigned alternate text, and posted to a website or you’d like a classy advertisment for a magazine Jeni will be glad to help.</p>

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