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Next Phase Photography

Photography · Canton Michigan United States

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I started out shooting landscape/cityscape photography in 2011 while living in Southern California. There was so much beauty everywhere and I had to capture it. My wife and I moved back to Southeast Michigan in 2014 to start a family, it was then that my focus started to change. Without the grand mountains and oceans of California I started to focus on the little things, the things that most of us overlook. I started to find a passion for macro photography, mostly insects. I was amazed what I could find if I just slowed down and peered into a bush or looked really closely at a leaf. There's a whole world to discover and capture. In 2015 I started to really focus on moving from an amateur to a professional photographer. I did so with real estate photography and I'm here to stay. Finding the perfect composition in a room is really satisfying and knowing that my work will help someone find their next or first home is very rewarding. I would love to help you help someone find their new home.

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