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jeff dolan

Photography · Corpus Christi Texas United States

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I first started shooting While living in Paris,France.In 1984 ,I arrived in Paris as a model.While trying to better my portfolio,I would find photographers to shoot some of my concepts.Most of the time, it was nothing like I envisioned.Then the bolt of lighting hit me. Learn to shoot my own visions. From there ,I started assisting other fashion shooters,watching, writing things down,looking through their lenses,while I taught myself how to use a camera.I had plenty of access to models from the agencies.So ,I went out and starting shooting my own concepts. After 2 years,with the knowledge I now had, I was hiring myself out to some of the leading fashion shooters.Each had their own style,the way they used equipment,everything.Any photographer and I could walk in to a studio, and tell me exactly how he wanted his shoot to be lit I would have it up and ready quickly.My work was getting better and better.This was my ticket to travel and see the world,Milan,Miami,NY,Dallas,Denver,SF,LA, on and on

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