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Jeff Burns

Photography · Rochester Minnesota United States

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360 degree Open House 365 days of the year! Showcase your property with an immersive 3D experience like no other! Our equipment does more than just take a series of photos. Using texture mapping, it builds an accurate 3D model that allows viewers to interact with the space, giving the feeling they are really there. Users easily click into rooms they want to visit, change to plan view and select floor, spin around the dollhouse and double click where they want to zoom into, click a photo on the highlight reel, or play the guided tour and relax. Enhanced still photos that are taken at the right angles and the right sequence to tell the story of the property. Professionally arranged photographs give the viewer the best possible sense of the layout and feel of the property. Photos are edited for correct color and lighting to show the property in its best light, but are honest and show the property as-is. For a truly immersive experience, spaces can be viewed using virtual reality gear. Your buyers and patrons will be in awe when they virtually walk through your space looking all around just like they are actually there! Impress out-of-town clients by sending them Google Cardboard® goggles with your branding! Loads of new innovative products that support virtual reality are released every week. After losing my job a couple of years ago, I started over as a Licensed Real Estate Agent. I was drawn by my memories of growing up watching and helping my father build homes. I was always enamored by the idea that we had just built a home for a family to center their lives around. Home is where we get to be ourselves and it is the center of our family’s lives. Every day we are making memories, learning, growing, laughing, and hopefully enjoying leisure time. I have great passion for capturing homes and businesses' true essence and beauty in 3D Virtual Tours and HD Photography!

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