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jay kullman

Photography · New Orleans Louisiana United States

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My photography began with a roll of 35mm black and white film in 1989. Although, my skills have developed during the last 24 years, my focus has been on the landscape whether it is rural, urban or suburban. I love exploring the negative space in the landscape. In contrast, I enjoy photographing architecture, store fronts, corners, and houses. Presently, I am using a digital camera (Fuji X20 - yes, an upgrade would be nice), but much of archive is composed of negatives. I have used a Pentax SuperME, Mamiya 6x7, Agfa Isolette (6x6cm film), and a Holga. I lived in San Francisco for over 25 years, but I am from New Orleans where I am currently residing. I have also spent time in Thailand and Oregon.

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