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Jason Manchester

Photography and Videography · Savannah United States

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I'm a writer and photographer. Photography is a long time passion of mine in which I love to show what I see, sometimes just by picking up my gear and heading out with no particular place in mind. In writing, you start with an idea and as you move forward, you tell a story of what you see in your mind. With a photo, you see an image that you want to tell a story about, so you snap a photo and turn it into something that someone can read like a story. I got my start in the world of photography by picking up my father's camera at a young age and naturally fell in love with snapping photos. There is nothing like catching that perfect shot. Photography for me is a lot like writing because in both, you can tell a story in any way that you see fit. Depending on your mood that day, week or month, you can find what fits your mood and apply it to your work. I live in Savannah, GA which is a city very rich in beauty and history. Being one of the oldest cities in United States, it is very hard to not be able to find a location to wonder off to and photograph anything you want.

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