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How it works

You need high quality images or videos.
We have a network of talented, vetted professionals ready to work on projects of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. We'll match you up with the perfect professional and ensure the process goes smoothly.
There are a couple of ways to work with SmartShoot:

Open Project Market

Professionals come to you

Open Project Market

Do you want quotes from several professionals? Create a project, add some details and let us send it out to the network. You'll have bids from talented, vetted, professionals back in no time.

  • Submitting a proposal is quick and easy (it only takes 5 minutes)!
  • Select your favorite professional from those that respond.
  • Save time by posting once and having professionals come to you.
Create a Request
Direct Photography and Video Requests

1:1 Communication

Direct Requests

Browse through our network of photographers and videographers to find the perfect pro for you. Sort profiles by location and category to see everyone nearby.

  • Easily get in touch with specific professionals
  • Good for someone who wants to browse for the perfect match
  • Find a professional in one of our curated communities

Browse thousands of photographers

Enterprise photography

For large companies and high quantities

We solve Enterprise problems.

SmartShoot helps companies like Yelp, Zillow, and TripAdvisor get custom high quality photos or videos shot on location, in thousands of cities worldwide.

SmartShoot's platform and marketplace of over 10,000 professional photographers and filmmakers helps businesses efficiently acquire high quality photos and videos of all their advertisers or customers.

Learn more about Enterprise solutions