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PipSaw Films

Videography · Lexington Kentucky United States

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9 ratings
18 jobs completed

I grew up believing in Jesus, and believing that that would take me to heaven. I began attending Quest Community Church here in Lexington and I saw so many people who just had &quot;Something&quot; I didn't. There was this joy, lack of judgment, and just shear love of other people that I didn't have or understand. I spent over three years seeing this on a weekly basis thinking a lot of it was fake, thinking that it was for them but I just wasn't that happy of a person. Well on April 19th 2012 Jesus met me in a way that was just for me. With the help of some dear friends and my &quot;way out of my league&quot; wife Hannah, I was able to surrender my pride, ego, insecurities and preferences to Jesus. ​ Since then things haven't gone from imperfect to perfect. I am still the same flawed, hard headed guy I always was. I just now have that &quot;Something&quot; I saw in others. Jesus has revamped me into a man who lives with joy in him, rather than a man who wonders why he doesn't have the joy he sees in others. Videography started out as a way for me to serve at my church. I helped start our kids program video team. I know have multiple guys who help shoot and edit videos for our kids program with me. I also have a couple middle school kids who also help shoot and learn about videography at the same time. This is truly one of the joys of my life to be able to do. My love for videography naturally spilled over, and I began to shoot weddings, birthdays, music videos, really just about any event or feature I can get the privilege to shoot. It truly is only through Jesus that I am able to do something like this that I love for a living. Jesus has blessed me so much and made this dream of being able to do something I love that also supports my family a reality.

PipSaw Films's Overall Rating

"Matt was very professional and efficient with the time he had at the shop. He did a great job catching candid moments when I didn't even realize he was shooting! Overall, the quality of the video is great. Thanks!"

Rachel Ruppel 2016-05-18


Amy Howard 2016-05-21


Mike Nelson 2016-06-07


Ronald Conboy 2016-04-12


Joey Wilcoxon 2016-05-24

"The filmmaker did a awesome job, and made sure that I did everything Correct. He also has great Camera skills as well. Thank you for shooting my Video."

James Pointer 2016-05-20

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