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Heather M. Smith

Photography · Denver Colorado United States

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25 ratings
376 jobs completed

Innovative and digitally savvy Freelance Photographer with over 15 years’ experience in visual storytelling, studio, event, food, restaurant and lifestyle photography. Particularly attuned to anticipating high-value images for special events, promotions, and milestones.

Heather M. Smith's Overall Rating

"For the hero shot, we'd prefer dishes not be laid out symmetrically. Thanks!"

Grubhub Manager 2018-12-26


Jenicah Marie C. 2019-02-15

"One-star deduction for uploading past 48hrs"

Waldon Vismonte F. 2019-03-24


Jenicah Marie C. 2019-03-17

"Try to center the shots more for the individual shots and the hero shot. Thank you."

Grubhub Manager 2019-03-04

"One-star deduction for correcting hero photo past 48 hours."

Liza Casarino C. 2019-03-31

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