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G-Love Video

Videography · Camp Verde Arizona United States

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Born November 18, 1972 in Phoenix Arizona, Dorian Edward Gray is the fourth child of six siblings. In the summer of 1985, Dorian moved to Houston, Texas with his mother and three of his siblings to Live with their mother's Mama. Dorian was always a curious peculiar young child. While entering his teenage years, he continued many odd explorations and discovered the wild side and began Living it to its fullest. While Living this fast LIFE, Dorian did not let it restrict who he associated with to that LIFE style. His relationships crossed all boundaries, such as age, race, religion, culture, education, profession, so on & so forth... Fed by his passions to entertain, educate, and stimulate, Dorian began writing poetry, and also began creating, recording, and editing video in 1990. With the help of family, friends, and a strong desire to enhance the Lives of others, Dorian enrolled into the Art Institute of Houston in 1996, in attempt to reach a greater population. Dorian believes, &quot;The camera is a mirror for the world. 'Not only does it help us accept who we are and how we act, but it also let us correct unfavorable acts.&quot; His writing style questions the reasoning’s of the past to expand the spirit of today. In December of 2002 Dorian Changed his name to Dorian Gray Hakinabusara (Rightwise) in attempt to carry a name that inspires to strive for Righteousness. Years before adopting the name Rightwise, Dorian undertook the name, &quot;Pimpernal G-Love&quot;, defining himself as, &quot;A colorful star-like flower, characterized to obstruct vexing atmospheres, infused amongst Divine invigorating passion and power.&quot;

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