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Glamour Photography - The Basics

Glamour photography is a type of photography that is most commonly used in modeling portfolios and situations where a higher level of sexiness is preferred. Most glamour photos you'll find are of females, but there are considerably more males showing up in the genre. The poses tend to be more erotic, sexy and suggestive. Glamour photography is less explicit and more tasteful than most types of erotica. The genre is also known as beauty photography as well. The subjects of glamour photography are often professional models with the photographs intended for commercial use or portfolio building. Glamour photography is also similar to boudoir photography in that the photographs are intended for private and personal use. Photographers use a combination of proper lighting, makeup, hair and airbrushing techniques to produce an amazing final image.

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Tips for Glamour Photography


Find Your Style

The best method for selecting a glamour photographer is to consider the purpose of the shoot, what you have in mind for the images, your budget and timeline. Look for a photographer whose portfolio has examples similar to what you have in mind.


Decide On Deliverables

Be sure to consult with your glamour photographer on what your goals are for the shoot and what you intend to do with the images. You should also consider what your turnaround time ideally looks like. With this info the photographer can send you a proposal on what they can achieve and for what price. Make sure you review the proposal and ask any questions to make the contract as clear as possible prior to the shoot.



When looking for a time to shoot, it's always best to schedule 2 weeks to a month out. Popular glamour photographers book up fast, so the sooner you reach out the more likely they’ll be able to carve out a date for you.


After The Shoot

Most glamour photos will be delivered digitally. If you use SmartShoot, you can use the image preview room to select your favorites. These are often touched up in post-production (where the photographer corrects lighting, color grades or removes blemishes, etc from the image).

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How much does Glamour Photography cost?

Glamour photography is usually priced on a per session basis. Costs will include image usage as well as the extent of the shoot. Expect to pay more if you need hair, makeup and other extras for the shoot. Most glamour shoots happen in a studio with proper lighting. This will generally skew towards a higher end professional. If you want photos for you personal portfolio, prices can start around $300 for a couple of "looks".

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Glamour Portfolio Session

Build your modeling portfolio by adding some high-quality glamour and beauty images. Work with a professional photographer to capture you at all the right angles and increase your odds of being hired for your next modeling project.

Suggested Price: $350

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