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Gregory Johnston Photography

Photography · Rathdrum Idaho United States

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My food album shows food in various stages from fresh produce to meals and dishes.

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Steamy spoon of peas. Orange dropped in water. Ice cream Sundae. Garlic bulbs. Lemon and lime. Pouring sauce on an Asian salad. Fine art image of a red pepper. Close up of dried grains and wooden spoon, Sea salt on a wooden spoon. Close up of red peppers. Chocolate cookies. Wine glasses spilling. Peppers and misc. powder.
Krispy rice treats. Red bell peppers dropped in water. Holding up a freshly picked plum. Chips and salsa platter. Backlit peppers. Peppers and spices. Onions, potatoes, and garlic. Orange and watermelon slices. Putting butter on peas and carrots. Close up of Korean radish kimchi. Coffee beans and cinnamon sticks. Sushi Cutting carrots.
Strawberries and a rose. Close up of Korean Kimchi. Close up of dried oats. Diet concept with an apple and tape measure. Close up of mushrooms. Spices and peppers. Dried grains in rows. Close up of sea salt. basket on red peppers. Green peppers. Close up of walnuts. Strawberries dropped in cream. Ice cream pie and peanuts.


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