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Videography · Denver Colorado United States

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7 ratings
10 jobs completed

I'm a Colorado based Director of Photography, Movi Specialist, Helicopter Pilot, and founder of GeorgeStearns.com. I've always had a passion for combining artistic expression, story telling, and the technical aspects of cinematography, and creating a methodic approach that's simple, elegant, and appropriate for the scale of the project. This passion is the driving force behind behind everything we create, from small business online content to large national television campaigns the same level of care and creativity goes into every story we tell. My ethos is simple, love what you do and work as hard as you can at it. In this case, I love telling stories through technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of how to get shots that are compelling. More importantly, I love the process of understanding and uncovering the foundational "Why" as it relates to the stories we tell and finding creative and innovative ways ways to express your vision.

GeorgeStearns.com's Overall Rating


Carlos Martins 2011-11-23

"Overall it's a pretty great group of photos. There's a lot of variety which is nice and super helpful for our deals. However, we cannot use vertical images so it would be nice to avoid them completely. Thanks!"

SmartShoot Partner 2013-03-19

"We were able to get some good shots but for future nighttime shoots, it will be better to use a flash; a lot of the images were too dark or out of focus to use. Thank you!"

SmartShoot Partner 2013-03-25

"These are a really great set of photos! My only suggestion would be more close up shots of details. Also, it's hard for us to use vertical images since our template is horizontal for next time! Thanks!"

SmartShoot Partner 2013-03-18

"These are very dark, and theres lot os horizontals. It would be nice to see some other environment shots. Maybe the lobby, or an empty facial room. Need more variety!"

SmartShoot Partner 2013-03-29

"I had a great experience with George Sterns. He helped me feel comfortable and made a great video for my business."

Joyce Kahakalau 2016-03-22

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