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Photography · Miami United States

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Orlando Rio of FOTOGRAFIXS adds another dimension to the craft of architectural photography. His education and work experience as an architect has proven to be a tremendous asset in this genre of photography. Fortunately, a 20-year career in architecture has allowed him to develop keen design sensitivity concerning lighting, color, composition and overall creativity, all essential aspects of professional architectural and interior design photography. A synthesis of his innate artistic talent, trained discerning eye and love to explore alternative methods inherent in today’s digital imaging technology allows Orlando to implement a multi-faceted fusion of skills and tools to portray architectural and interior design in its full glory with stunning magazine quality imagery. It is this confidence, which facilitated him a seamless transition from the realm of architecture to the illustrious world of architectural photography. Professional architectural photography is specialized photography of buildings, structures and interior spaces. It involves the use of special techniques, equipment, software and skills to portray the subjects in proper perspective, composition, dynamic range from highlights to shadows, appropriate color rendition and detailed textures. Images of your projects should be more than a quick snapshot of a site, building or interior space. A professional image should be well lit, composed and color balanced in order to provide stunning results that not only showcase your project and your brand but also set expectations to inspire and compel your clients. After all, these are the images that prospective clients will view when making a decision on which company to hire for their future projects. FOTOGRAFIXS is a professional full service boutique studio specializing in architectural and interior design photography with a simple and straightforward mission: deliver a great product, provide outstanding service and furnish viable solutions to our clients but more importantly, we are here to make sure your needs are met before, during and after every project. Our market research reveals a pressing need to fill a niche, which offers affordable professional architectural photography services in the local area. The catalyst that drives FOTOGRAFIXS is the desire to provide magazine quality professional architectural images at a reasonable price point hence we strive to fill that niche. You are urged to compare our pricing to other high-end photographers in the industry. It is a “no-brainer” that FOTOGRAFIXS offers the “best bang for your buck” and is hands down Miami’s best choice for architectural photographer.

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